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Industrial Gas Analysis Systems, Chemical Analyzers & FTIR Accessories

Laser Beam Spot on Field Mirror of a Raptor Glass Bodied Gas Cell


Our mission is to provide the most discriminating FTIR Gas Analyzer to the Semiconductor and Specialty Gas industries.


CIC Photonics designs and manufactures the most sensitive and robust White Cells (long path gas cell) and FTIR spectrometer accessories that are available in the marketplace today. We integrate systems components for solution-based analytical instruments. We design and develop proprietary analytical and control software for these integrated systems.

CIC Photonics has been named one of the recipients of the New Mexico Technology Flying 40 Award by Technology Ventures Corporation. This prestigious award recognizes the company as one of the technology sector’s leading companies in New Mexico. The sponsors of the Flying 40 are Technology Ventures Corporation, KPMG, First State Bank and the Albuquerque Journal.

Why Consider CIC Photonics Solutions?

Experience - 14 years solving analytical problems

Lower Lifecycle Cost - lower cell refurbishment cost, faster                                       ROI, less process downtime

Longer Cell Life - less frequent servicing

Better Sensitivity - higher energy throughput provides                        better data from a higher signal to noise ratio

Compatibility - cells work with all FTIR Spectrometers

Analytical Gas Cells

Our White Cells (long path gas cells) are constructed of 316 Stainless Steel for maximum corrosion resistance. The gas cell bodies are coated with nickel to further enhance anti-corrosive properties. The CIC Photonics White Cell incorporates mirrors that are constructed of 304 Stainless Steel and coated with proprietary strata that bond the reflective coating and protect the mirrors from chemical attack. These mirrors provide 98.5% reflectivity, thus empowering the long path gas cell with extraordinary optical power throughput.

Analytical Systems Architecture

IRGAS Turnkey Analysis System architecture includes: ABB Bomem FTIR Spectrometer; CIC Photonics White Cell (long path gas cell) the 4Runner; and SPGAS, a user-friendly chemometric software engine that employs a weighted multi-band CLS algorithm developed in collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories.

Spectrometer Systems

Photonics bases the IRGAS Analysis System design on the ABB Bomem MB3000 and WorkIR FTIR Spectrometers. These Spectrometers are compact and rugged units that work exceptionally well for transportable FTIR Gas Analyzers and permanent installations alike. CIC Photonics has developed analytical gas cell systems that work equally well with other spectrometers in the FIR, IR, and NIR spectrum.


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