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CIC Photonics is a leader in the design and production of innovative analytical and industrial instrumentation and sampling systems. CIC Photonics provides FTIR/NIR UV/VIS sampling accessories and chemical analyzer systems for industrial applications, environmental, and research and development.

CIC Photonics is dedicated to meeting the needs of the most discerning customers, including Air Liquide, Applied Materials, Dupont, Honeywell, Linde Electronics, NASA, Samsung, and Sandia National Laboratories. CIC Photonics is recognized nationally and internationally for its high-quality innovative custom-designed and fabricated optical systems.

Our logo... Optical illusion art makes us look at reality from a new perspective and challenges us to find new logical connections between phenomena. We at CIC Photonics have incorporated M.C. Escher's Cafe Wall Illusion into our logo because it expresses our product design philosophy -- new perspectives lead to innovation in industrial and analytical instrumentation and sampling systems.


Visit our technical website www.irgas.com where you can learn more about our systems and other products.


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