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February 1994


CIC Photonics, Inc. formed in Albuquerque, New Mexico as a merger of Connecticut Instrument Corporation and Environmental Photonics, Inc. Connecticut Instrument Corporation specialized in FTIR sampling accessories; Environmental Photonics, Inc. specialized in UV/VIS/NIR fiber-optic spectrometers and probes.

October 1994


Technology Director from BOC New Jersey visits CICP and requests several enhancements of the Pathfinder Long Path Gas Cell to increase its sensitivity and applicability to the measurement of moisture as an impurity in corrosive semiconductor gases; the result was the Pathfinder-EN.



Ranger 9.6-meter fixed pathlength gas cell designed and fabricated as a lower cost gas cell of 1.7-liter volume for general purpose gas analysis applications.



4Runner 4.0-meter pathlength gas cell designed and produced to provide a smaller volume (0.6-liter vs 2.2-liter of the Pathfinder-EN) cell for the electronic specialty gas producers.

Spring 1997


Research Manager at Matheson Gas Company suggests that company offer a complete high performance FTIR gas analyzer for moisture and impurity analyses.

June 1997


MS student Jorge E. Perez is hired from UNM EE Department to begin writing software for a FTIR gas analyzer.

Fall 1997


IRGASTM name created for company's turnkey "Integrated Real-Time Gas Analyzer Solution."



Bomem WorkIR FTIR spectrometer selected for the IRGAS Turnkey Gas Analyzer.

December 1998


Provisional Patent Application submitted SPGASTM / Spectra StreamTM specialty gas analysis software; followed by patent application in December 2000.


Patent No. 6,748,334 received for SPGAS / Spectra Stream.

October 2000


First IRGAS System sold to Applied Materials for EPI reactor applications.



First combustion gas analysis version of IRGAS sold to Chinese engineering for cannon fire discharge gas analyses; after approval by USDOC.



Informal collaboration initiated with start-up company Aspectrics of California for integration of Company's gas cells with their EP-IR spectrometer.

March 2005


Company receives SBA Technology Export Award for fast-growth of its exports in 2004.



Re-designed Ranger-EN 9.6-meter gas cell introduced to market.



Company receives DOC Commercial Services Award for its export activity.

March 2006


First IRGAS multipoint-sampling combustion analyzer shipped to China.

June 2006


Company accepted into New Mexico's ISO 9000 Training Program

January 2007


First Dual Gas Cell IRGAS System sold to Air Liquide.

March 2007


Company receives ISO 9000 Compliant status.

March 2007


Company formally terminates its line of fiber-optic probes by sale of probes and designs to Aspectrics for their NIR/EP-IR spectrometer.

April 2007


First order received for IRGAS air-monitoring system.

August 2007


Michael David engaged as General Manager & Vice President.

October 2007


Agreement with Applied Materials established for EPITORR product.

Largest single systems purchase to date

November 2007


Company receives ISO 9001:2000 Certification


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