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4 Runner Gas Cell


I. Since CIC Photonics builds its products to last, we warrant them that way. If you have a problem with our accessory or system, within the first year of ownership, that is a result of a defect in workmanship or the wearing out of a component that should not wear out, we shall fix it.

II. Parts that normally wear out or are consumed or can be damaged in the normal operation of the accessory, such as fragile optical elements (lenses, windows, crystals, mirrors, filters, etc.) are warranted against defect in manufacture for a period of 30 days after original delivery to the purchaser.


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What Our Customers Say...

About Our 4-Runner XLP Gas Cell:
"The new 6.5-M cell is working terrifically. I've got great sensitivity for moisture and HF. NF3 isn't affecting the cell at all."
--Sam Snyder, BOC Gases

About Our FTIR Accessories:
"It is a comfort to us experimentalists that there is an organization one can depend on for precise accessories and follow-up."
--John Ferraro, Argonne National Lab

About Our Fresnel-ATR:
"I have found CIC Photonics to be most helpful in solving my FTIR ATR problems. The Fresnel system is a gem. It is my first and foremost recommendation to others interested in ATR work."

About our Fiber Optics:
"I purchased two 16-channel multiplexers several years ago; they have performed for years without any problems. Design is sound."
--Bill Napper, Ciba-Geigy Corp.


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