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Founded in 1994, CIC Photonics, a USA corporation located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, (“CICP”) is a leading manufacturer of high quality, top performing gas phase chemical analyzers for the semiconductor, chemical, petroleum, environmental, and other industries. With over 500 hundred customers worldwide since 1994, CICP has hundreds of gas analysis tools in the field and labs. Delivering best in class technical specifications on its line of products, CICP’s primary technology is infrared optical spectroscopy instrumentation.

CICP’s product line of gas analysis systems includes proprietary nickel-plated, stainless steel, and Hastelloy long path and short path gas cells for corrosive and toxic gas applications; aluminum body gas cells for general gas analysis; and the IRGAS, SPGAS, ARIA and SpectraStream array of products for industry, environment, and government.

In 2016, CICP was acquired by Mr. Pérez and Mr. Garcia to build upon Dr. Meyers’ legacy. Together with the CICP staff, we are continuously innovating CICP products and services in order to build long lasting relationships with our customers.


Jorge and Joseph at Pittcon

Due to CIC Photonics continuous commitment to quality, we have been an ISO9001 certified company since 2006. We are currently ISO9001:2015 certified.


Jorge E. Pérez, MSEE – CEO and PresidentMr. Perez joined CIC Photonics in 1997. He developed the system management software for the IRGAS line of products, the SPGAS software package, the patented SpectraStream software, and our new patented Aria software. Under the guidance and expertise of Dr MeyerMr. Pérez grew within the company and has been assigned to different positions and multiple responsibilities within the company throughout the years, allowing Mr. Perez to continue Dr. Meyer’s work since 2014.


Joseph E Garcia – COO and Senior Vice President In 2004 Mr. Garcia joined the CIC Photonics team as an Engineer Technician. After 2 years with the company, he advanced roles to Production Manager which allowed him to utilize his prior studies of Photonics and Manufacturing Technologies for optical design and product realization. Working under the tutelage of Dr. Richard Meyer and Jorge Perez, Joseph developed the skills and insight to implement manufacturing improvements, optical designs and leads the quality innovations of CIC Photonics.


Richard T. Meyer, Ph.D. – (1936 – 2016) . Dr. Meyer had over 40 years of technology management experience encompassing basic and applied research, technology management, and capital formation strategy. He founded and led CIC Photonics from its inception in 1994, transitioning it from an optical accessories company with a limited market to a complete solutions provider to a large and rapidly growing market.

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