CICP’s core competencies include:

  • Short and Long Path gas cell design, engineering and manufacturing.
  • Gas analysis instrumentation and systems integration.
  • Instrument system software development and implementation.
  • Design and engineering capabilities for one-of-a-kind solutions.
  • Manufacturing quality and operating reliability.
  • Heated sampling lines and multipiont sampling manifolds


CICP’s product line of gas analysis systems includes proprietary nickel-plated, stainless steel long path and short path gas cells for corrosive and toxic gas applications; aluminum body gas cells for general gas analysis; and the new IRGAS, SPGAS, and SpectraStream array of products for industry, environment, and government.

Gas Analyzer

CIC Photonics is a leading producer of gas analyzer systems for environmental, semiconductor, and industrial applications.

FTIR Analysis

Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy, or FTIR analysis, is an analytical practice used to acquire the infrared spectrum of emission or absorption of a gas, solid, or liquid.

Combustion Analyzer

CIC Photonics has given aid to these institutions with the development of an Integrated Real-Time Gas Analysis Solution (IRGAS) system, the IRGAS-DCA.

Gas Cells

These high performance cells are the latest addition to a long line of superior corrosion resistant gas analysis tools. Continuing in the tradition of the Pathfinder.



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